5 Things You Need to be Aware of When Shopping Sustainable Swimwear

Whether you’re just starting your sustainable swimwear journey or are well versed in sustainable fashion, there are some key factors to consider when buying new swimwear, especially if you plan to find a piece or two that you love and that last.

So, what is crucial to keep in mind during your search for sustainable swimwear? 

Sustainable Triangle Bikini

1. What brand values would you like to see in your sustainable swim?

If you’re looking for sustainable swimwear, chances are you’re trying to be a bit more conscious about the impact of your purchases on people and the planet. Go, you! 

Although, something you might not know is that sustainability can mean a lot of different things to different brands.

Brands can introduce sustainable practices at different stages of their supply chain and they often combine their sustainable practices with other responsible values. For example, some brands we stock also value fairness, transparency, equality, animal welfare, reducing waste, handcrafting, and supporting local. 

Shopping for sustainable swim is the perfect time to brush up on what these definitions mean to brands and what they mean to you. What do you value in your swimwear? 

For us to stock a swimwear label, the brand has to meet the specific requirements of at least 3 of our 8 Cura Swim Values. To learn more about our values and what they stand for view our Value Definitions here.

2. Is the fabric sustainable?

One feature that often sets sustainable swimwear apart from other swimwear is the material it’s made from.

Swimwear is usually made from synthetic nylon, which is derived from plastic. While our oceans are filling up with plastic waste and fibres (neither of which biodegrade), it doesn’t make sense to continue making new plastic-derived swimwear, which will continue to cause damage to the waters we care for. 

As a result, more sustainable fabrics have been designed to ensure our swim keeps its shape and stretch while reducing our impact on the environment.

Many sustainable brands have switched to recycled fibres, like ECONYL® or REPREVE®, to avoid creating new plastics and help create a more circular fashion industry. Brands like NATASHA TONIĆ have introduced alternative fabrics like hemp swimwear, and Shapes in the Sand use EVO®, a plant-based fabric made from castor oil.

If minimising your plastic waste is a value that resonates with you, looking for recycled or plant-based swimwear is a great place to start.

3. Will the sustainable swimwear last?

There are many swimwear options out there that, while made sustainably, just won’t stand the test of time. 

There are two main factors to be aware of when making sure your swimwear is built to last.

1. Materials and manufacturing
The material and attention to detail in your swimwear is a huge part of ensuring its timelessness. Look for swimwear that will keep its shape, with quality stitching and durable fabric.
When shopping for sustainable swimwear online, it’s often hard to determine quality. Part of our mission is to provide this peace of mind about quality. We have curated the best brands in sustainable swimwear to ensure that your swimwear lasts.
2. Designs that are made with style in mind, not trends
Trends are fleeting, style is eternal. While it can be so tempting to buy a few new bikinis or one-pieces every season to stay on-trend, it’s far more satisfying to have one or two that you adore and that exude timeless style.


4. Does the sustainable swimwear reflect your personal style?

A sustainable wardrobe is one that is loved and worn. If the pieces you own, including your swimwear, just aren’t your style or taste, then you’re going to have trouble getting as much wear out of them as possible.

Above all, make sure that the swimwear you choose is the swimwear that reflects your personal style. If you love it, you’ll feel like heaven in it. 

Perfect Fit Sustainable Swimwear

5. What does a perfect fit look like to you?

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the perfect fit and style for swimwear that fits in better with your values – or vice versa! Part of making sure that you cherish your swimwear for years to come is starting with a style that helps you shine.

Finding the perfect fit is about getting to know your body shape and the types of swimwear that suit you best. For more on fit and styling, try our Smart Styling Tool.


Searching for your ideal sustainable swimwear doesn’t have to be hard but it might take a little consideration. Start with your values, look for quality pieces that will last, and, most importantly, find what speaks to your style.