These 7 Women are Changing the World in Conscious Living

There are countless people right now – creators, bloggers, business owners – who are changing the world through their work, voices, and choices. If you want to expand your circle and find new inspiring people to support, we’ve put together a list of just some of our favourite women in conscious living.



Elana Loo - Photographer, writer, educator in conscious living

Instagram | Website

This woman’s work will want to make you spend your life by the sea! Elana is our go-to for all things related to ocean conservation and she also offers some great advice on wellness and sustainable self-care. 

“Deeply grateful for the connection I feel to the ocean… this connection is what brings out the fierce protector in me and why I feel so rooted in preservation and conservation.” – Elana Loo



Kamea Chayne - Creator, author, writer, advocate for regenerative living

Instagram | Website | Podcast

Is there anything Kamea can’t do? Kamea is not only the voice and host behind the popular Green Dreamer podcast, she is also an advocate for eco and regenerative living, and more. We appreciate all of Kamea’s highly educational content and her gentle force in encouraging an eco-friendlier future.

“Fear may keep us alert about the potential risks and dangers we face, but HOPE, rooted in knowledge, wisdom, unity, interconnectedness, and community... that’s what will transform our yearnings for a better and healthier future for all…” – Kamea Chayne



Allison wears the Tide Maillot in Coral by Cleonie Swim.

Allison Carol - Creator, photographer, designer in conscious living

Instagram | Blog

Based in the US, Allison is particularly passionate about all things eco and vegan, particularly when it comes to travel, style, and eco beauty. We love her warm aesthetic and useful photography tips.

“As sustainable/ethical fashion awareness grows, so does the industry. Consumer demand drives companies to make changes, so the more we learn and talk about these issues, the more companies will shift their mindset. Let’s #MakeShiftHappen!” - Allison Carol 

Bianca wears the Aries Set by Cecile Swim

Bianca Roose - Performer, designer, all-round flower-child

Instagram | Website

Bianca is the queen of vintage style! You’ll love what Bianca has to share if you’re inspired by caring for our earth and have a taste for retro fashion. Bianca also runs The Love Revolution Shop, where she sells her handmade pieces and curated vintage.

“Volunteer your time, use your social platforms for good, and tread lightly on this Earth that we call our home. It’s the only one we have.” – Bianca Roose


Jennifer wear the Triangle Top in Mia by Isla in Bloom

Jennifer Nini - Writer, activist, certified organic farm owner, Founder of Eco Warrior Princess

Instagram | Website

We are so inspired by all the work brought to the world by Jennifer Nini, Founder of Eco Warrior Princess and so much more. Eco Warrior Princess is the place to go for articles, news, and content surrounding eco and ethical living. We love Jennifer’s authenticity and passion for the planet. 

“Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.” – Jennifer Nini



Jhánneu - Conscious living YouTube Creator

Instagram | YouTube

This woman brings so much joy into our days! Jhánneu is a YouTube creator making low waste and sustainable living inclusive. She has some fantastic advice about how we can all cut down waste and make more conscious choices in our everyday lives.

“My low waste journey first started when I became super interested in minimalism. I began to understand the importance of consuming less and being intentional about what I was bringing into my home. That lead me to thinking more about where my trash went and the impact it was making on the planet. I knew I wasn’t going to be perfect, but I knew I had to start making changes to see a better world.” – Jhánneu



Vivien - Eco travel blogger at The Dharma Trails

Instagram | Website

Just one of the faces behind The Dharma Trails, Vivien is shaking up the world of ocean conservation and inspiring more people to make a difference and think twice about plastic. We love Vivien’s sustainable swimwear choices and her incredible imagery of faraway places.

“…let’s not forget about our amazing planet. Travel is essentially a form of exploration. And exploration can be done anywhere. Even in your own backyard.” – The Dharma Trails


If you want to expand the way you live, consciously, but you’re not quite sure where to go next, we have some great advice: surround yourself with inspiring people who are changing the world (they can be people you follow on Instagram) and making more conscious choices will only become easier!