The Most Popular Natural Sunscreen Brands for Healthy Skin All Year

Time for a quick reflection exercise: are you being good to your skin and wearing natural sunscreen every day? 

Yes, every day! 

This applies no matter the time of year and even on the days that you spend indoors (did you know that UV rays can come through windows?!).

Aside from sun damage, one thing that is also bad for our skin is sunscreen that contains toxic or dangerous ingredients.

By now, it’s fairly well-known that what we put on our skin is absorbed into our skin. While not all ingredients in a general sunscreen can cause us harm, oxybenzone, a chemical found in many popular sunscreen brands, is definitely one of the dangerous ingredients to avoid.

Just as concerning, oxybenzone, among other sunscreen ingredients, have been found to harm coral reefs. This is where reef-safe sunscreens come into the picture – choosing natural, reef-safe sunscreens helps to make sure that our oceans and marine life stay safe. 

The healthiest bet for your body and our planet is to try a completely natural sunscreen brand that will nourish and protect, rather than cause any harm. So, we’ve done the research and have found the world’s favourite natural sunscreens for healthy skin and a healthy planet.


The most popular reef-safe and natural sunscreen brands 

Mother SPF

mother nature spg natural sunscreen

Powerful enough to protect you against the harsh summer sun and light enough to wear every day and under makeup, Mother SPF is a favourite for a reason.

This nourishing sunscreen not only contains zinc oxide – the main active ingredient that protects you with a physical barrier from UVA and UVB rays – but it’s also paired with Australian certified organic coconut oil and candelilla wax for a replenished glow.

Mother SPF Natural Physical Sunscreen, 120ml, AUD $42


Solara Suncare 

A popular brand in the US, Solara is more than a sunscreen. Solara has four different sunscreens formulated differently, depending on whether they’ll be used for face or body, if you prefer scented or unscented, or if you’re looking for a natural glow. They have even created an SPF 15 lip balm.

As well as being reef-friendly, all Solara sunscreens are vegan, responsibly sourced, toxin-free, and contain a wide variety of plant-based antioxidants and nutrients.

Solara Suncare, 50 ml to 180ml, USD $28 to $42 per sunscreen


Sunbutter Skincare

This natural sunscreen gets all the ticks of approval from us. It comes in a reusable and plastic-free tin, it’s SPF 50, 4-hours water-resistant, reef-safe, vegan, made in Australia, and contains all-natural ingredients.

Made for high-performance, Sunbutter is the perfect natural sunscreen for days at the beach or big adventures.

Sunbutter SPF50 Water Resistant Reef Safe Sunscreen, 100g, AUD $29.95


Avocado Zinc 

avocado zinc

While Avocado Zinc just sounds delicious, it’s packed with divine ingredients, too!

Vegan-friendly and Australian made, this natural sunscreen is available in SPF 30 and 50, and contains zinc oxide along with avocado oil, shea butter, and coconut oil – perfect for both your face and body as a moisturiser, sunscreen, and primer in one. No wonder they’re currently sold out! We heard Avocado Zinc will be restocking their range in September/October 2020.

Avocado Zinc Natural Sunscreen


Mukti Organics

If you’re searching for the perfect low-waste, daily facial sunscreen that won’t break you out, we’d recommend trying Mukti Organics’ Daily Moisturiser with Sunscreen. 

This moisturising sunscreen is a lightweight formula that feels like gold on your skin. Along with a dash of zinc oxide for a moderate UV physical barrier, Mukti's formula also contains certified organic green tea, rosehip, and Kakadu plum, for essential vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin. Even better, it’s packaged in a glass bottle that Mukti can recycle for you via their recycling program.

Mukti Organics Daily Moisturiser With Sunscreen, 50ml, AUD $54.95


A Bit Hippy

If you’re looking for a non-greasy everyday sunscreen or a natural tinted sunscreen, A Bit Hippy has the perfect one for you. 

Both their vegan natural sunscreen and tinted protection creams are SPF 40. Their natural sunscreen goes on clear and is formulated to avoid that oily skin feeling, while their tinted sunscreen contains extra minerals, which apply smoothly for perfect tinted coverage. 

A Bit Hippy Radiation Reflector-Vegan Natural Sunscreen, 120g, AUD $22

A Bit Hippy Tinted Protection Cream, 120g, AUD $19.90


Don’t forget, while natural sunscreen is a must for healthy skin protection, the best barrier against the sun is a physical one. Take a look at our sustainably made rashguards for better skin safety while in the sun or the sea.

You have two homes: the earth and your body. Take care of them.