Slow fashion and mindful style with Alyssa Beltempo

When it comes to slow fashion, shopping smarter and making the most of your existing wardrobe, sustainable fashion blogger and stylist Alyssa Beltempo is your go-to. Her YouTube channel is an incredibly educational and witty resource to help you navigate creating a conscious closet and becoming more creative with what you already own.
Alyssa in Como & Positano

Her channel was born from the challenges that she faced with her own closet after switching careers, moving into a smaller home and taking a deep dive into the impact of the fashion industry. She decided to put her new found habits and research to good use by committing to only sharing slow fashion content with her followers.

While the narrative around conscious consumption was still in its infancy and quite overwhelming to the average consumer, her channel struck a chord as it highlighted the abundance of what we already have - in our closet and on the planet. It gave viewers simple and concrete tips to shop better or less, make conscious choices and love their closets more - and still remain stylish.

Below we chat with Alyssa about what drives her to lead a more conscious lifestyle, her tips to shopping smarter, building a mindful closet and her favourite new season Cura Swim picks.

How would describe your style and ethos?

My style is easy classic with a twist! My ethos revolves around seeing abundance vs. limitations and applying creativity over consumption when you think of shopping less and reducing your carbon footprint through style.

Alyssa in the Riptide Sports Tank - Sunshine

What is the first step to creating a more conscious closet?

I think the absolute first step is to do a thorough closet audit which dives deeper than simply purging but prompts you about your lifestyle and style choices, so you can make pragmatic decisions. I have created some free resources here which I hope people can use as quick cheat sheets in an effort to become conscious consumers.

How can we all be as creative as you when it comes to re-wearing what's in our closets?

Honestly, I think the key is to spend time in your closet. When you give yourself an hour or so to play (I know this is very difficult for a lot of us), it frees the brain up to create different combinations and be a bit more thoughtful. The more you spend time with your clothes and testing items, the more confident you become!

What are your favourite swimwear styles from Cura Swim for this season – and beyond?

There are too many good styles to choose! But my favourites would have to be the Cleonie two pieces because I was seriously lacking in the bikini department. The Cleonie Tide sporty tank with yellow stripes was the perfect addition of colour which was one of my priorities for a new bikini. I loved the yellow stripe for its vintage vibe but the gold clasps on the shoulders really elevate the whole style. The matching Riptide Sports mini brief looked incredibly flattering – spoiler alert, they are! And I loved that these swimsuits are made to order and with deadstock fabric.
Sunshine Stripe Sporty Top & Riptide Brief

After trying the first Cleonie bikini, I was hooked! I also love the black Como sports crop bikini top and the matching Positano cheeky brief bottoms because of the thoughtful details; the wood circles, the flattering fit and the comfort. I love how these suits mould to my body and exude so much style with such little fabric.

You can read more about why Alyssa loves her new Cleonie bikini from Cura Swim here or by watching her ‘What to Wear When It's Too Hot to Wear Clothes But You Still Have to Part 2’ Vlog.

What are your tips to buying swimwear more mindfully?

When it comes to swimwear, it is so important to buy a style that is flattering for your body type - that is what will make it classic. I tend to stay away from prints that aren’t classic summer prints so that it doesn’t date too easily. The same goes for colours, I think anything in a jewel tone is both flattering on most skin types and can stand the test of time. If you need some help finding the perfect fit, visit our smart styling section here.

What are some styling tips that can help extend the life of our swimwear?

I love wearing one pieces as a body suit or top in the summer - they add such a fun element to a summer look and then you’re ready to jump in the water whenever! I also think you could dress up swimwear (if you want to get really fancy) with a great vintage chain around the waist or ankles.

What are your must-haves for a stylish but considered summer capsule wardrobe?

A good bathing suit! I think an easy breezy dress is a must, I prefer shirt dresses because they can also be worn as swim cover ups. Linen tops and pants are also key to beat the heat - you just have to embrace the wrinkles! Plus, a great breathable shoe like an espadrille.

Positano Brief

Alyssa's pick: Como sports crop bikini top + Positano cheeky brief bottoms 

What are some other ways we can lead a more conscious and considered life?

I think before making a purchase of any sort, asking ourselves; if we have something similar at home already, if there is a sharing alternative like renting or if we can take the time to repair something we already own. I think it’s the disposability of everything that has really skewed our consumption habits.

What is your morning ritual?

I have a very short gratitude practice that I do upon waking up or while walking my cat, Apollo (lol), then I go for a run or work out and start my day.

What are you listening to, reading or watching that is currently inspiring you?

I love tuning into anything Sophia Roe posts on her IGTV and am a long-time fan of Clare Press and her podcast the Wardrobe Crisis. I am currently loving the series called The Root on the Conscious Chatter podcast too! I also watch Audrey Coyne on YouTube - she is a big inspiration for being thoughtful and stylish. These ladies always get me thinking about different ways to contribute to the slow fashion space.

How do you slow down after a long day?

I change straight into my pyjamas, I LOVE bedtime. Then a good book and bed!

A special thank you to Alyssa for taking the time to share her tips to shopping smarter and building a more conscious closet, we hope this has inspired and empowered you to begin or continue your sustainable style journey.