Sustainable Travel and Conscious Swimwear with Allison Carol

Creator, photographer, and designer Allison Carol is an all-round eco-warrior and an inspirational force! Allison has her toes dipped in many industries but it’s clear that all of her work comes together through fusing her passions with her purpose.

Based in the United States, we first discovered Allison through her shared love for sustainable fashion. Her personal blog not only has some great tips about this topic but also explores the worlds of conscious beauty, food, and of course, travel and photography.

We had the delight of jumping inside Allison’s mind and asking her all of our burning questions about style, travel, sustainability, and swimwear. You can check out her answers below.

Firstly we would love to know: how would you describe your style? 

I would describe my style as boho, retro, vintage, and always vegan!

Allison wears the Tide Maillot in Coral


As a passionate traveller and as a photographer, what’s your favourite coastal destination that you’ve been to and why? 

Ah this is such a hard question! I don’t think I can pick just one and I’m such a beach girl, but some of my favorite coastal destinations would be Tulum, Bali, and Hawaii. 

  • Tulum because everything is so trendy, boho, and exotic! Mexico is always a fun destination, and Tulum is the best boho artsy spot!
  • Bali because it’s so photogenic and it really gives a nomad vibe. It has the best vegan options I’ve seen outside of the USA! It’s so affordable once you’re there and is a great spot for both budget and luxury travellers. 
  • Hawaii because it’s a classic tropical getaway for my family. Although Hawaii is the most expensive of the ones listed, it’s very safe and even though it’s a US state with US currency, it truly feels like a completely different country with how tropical it is and the island vibes. The volcanic sand, bright blue water, and marine life are amazing.


What do you love the most about the beach and the ocean?

I love how it makes me feel physically and mentally. Spending time on the beach or in the ocean, you feel free, your mind is cleared, and it’s like an overall breath of fresh air. I loved marine life and dolphins so much growing up that I considered being a marine biologist. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but I try to take advantage of any ocean or beach time I get now. We pay a pretty penny to live just steps from the beach here in Southern California, but it’s worth it see the ocean everyday. It has brought us so much happiness!

What factors do you consider when choosing new swimwear?

A few questions I ask when choosing swimwear are:

  • Is it ethically made?
  • What are the materials and are they sustainable, vegan, plant-based, recycled, and/or plastic free?
  • Where was it made?
  • Is it for surfing or water activities, or is it more for sunbathing, looking cute, and photos?


What are your favourite swimwear styles from Cura Swim right now?

I love:

Zara One Piece by Second Swim 

Sculpture Maillot by Cleonie

Tide Maillot by Cleonie

Floating Maillot by Cleonie

Shell Maillot by Cleonie

Como Sports Crop by Cleonie


What piece of advice would you give to someone choosing their first sustainable swimsuit?

Pick something that is timeless! I generally like to stick to solids and play around with textures and silhouettes. I also like to be able to style my swimwear in regular outfits too, so a one piece that can double as a body suit is a great option. The more you wear an item in the long term, the longer life cycle it has and the more sustainable it is!


We hope you can leave our readers with some motivational advice! What are your top tips for making a better impact when travelling?

  • Look for hotels and accommodations that are eco friendly and that are transparent on their website or social media about their sustainability efforts.
  • Try to use public transportation, walk, or bicycle whenever possible. You have the time to take the scenic route if you’re on vacation, so enjoy the journey!
  • Use the Happy Cow app to find vegetarian and vegan options near you. Even if you aren’t vegetarian or vegan, it’s still a great way to find healthy and eco-friendly eats!
  • Bring reusables with you. This includes utensils, bags, straws, containers, cups, and/or water bottles.
  • Leave no trace. I think this goes without saying, but when traveling be conscious of your impact, don’t litter, and respect the environment and space.
  • Last but not least, if you find a business, restaurant, travel company, hotel, wildlife reserve, etc. that you come across when traveling that really impresses you and is making sustainability efforts, be sure to share the love! Post on social media, leave a review, tell your friends and family, etc.

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Eco, vegan, style, and travel content: @allisoncarolsTravels with her husband: @theadventuresofaandz