For a label to be stocked on Cura Swim, it has to meet the specific requirements of at least 3 of our 8 Cura Swim Values. The values the label meets and further info is displayed on their Label bio page which you can click through to via one of their product pages.

Cura Values


 Means that the brands choice of fabrications are one of the following:

  1. Made from vintage, up-cycled or dead stock fabrics
  2. Made from a recycled fibres
  3. Made from biodegradable, organic or renewable materials

Many brands implement further sustainability strategies like:

    1. ‘Made to order’
    2. Their collections include staple pieces that can be worn season after season
    3. Low waste or minimal offcuts in manufacturing


Respect for the people making the products we choose to feature is key to us.  You can be assured that products you buy from us are one of the following at a minimum:

  1. Made by an in-house team in safe working conditions
  2. Made locally by an accredited manufacturer who is operating legally and paying at least minimum wages.
  3. Made in an ethical manufacturing location offshore that the brand or a third party auditor visit at least once every two years who is operating legally and paying at least minimum wages

Rest easy in the knowledge the people who made the clothing you buy from Cura Swim are treated the same way you’re treated: with living wages; safe working conditions; voluntary overtime; and freedom of association.  All of our brands are Ethical & Fair.


We have a zero-tolerance policy on greenwashing and demand transparency from all of our labels. All of our brands are transparent which means they at a minimum they must tick one of these boxes:

  1. Must know the source of all materials used
  2. Must be aware of the origins of entire garment production cycle
  3. If asked, will offer information to the customer

Cruelty free

The brands that are cruelty free (all of them) mean that no animals are harmed in the process of making their products:

  1. No animals have been harmed in the process of textile production or manufacturing
  2. No animal textiles or animal by-products are used

Gender equality

The labels who make the products in this value are trying to make the world a better place for women. As independent feminists ourselves, this is something we truly get behind.


All clothing is actually handcrafted, in that people, instead of robots, made it. This value takes handcrafting one step further, by employing and celebrating the traditional skills of ancient communities.


These designers have an appreciation for their local communities and economies. They produce as close to their studio base as possible. They pay attention to their local communities and strive to give business back to them whilst cutting their carbon footprint at the same time.  They respect local traditions and ways of doing business.

Local means:

  • Garments are manufactured locally to the label.

It can mean they also:

  • use fabrics grown and woven locally to them

 Minimal waste

These designers are as committed to the idea of minimal waste as we are, which means they aim to recycle and upcycle materials as often as possible whilst maintaining the integrity of their products.  The brands in this value are big into saying no to plastics, water waste, fabric waste, power waste and have low waste startegies built into their business through out!