How to Measure Yourself


Always ensure the measuring tape is firm but not squeezing and running parallel to the floor.  Make sure you are not wearing any clothing that would effect your measurements, ideally measure directly onto your skin. 

Bust - Ensure you are not wearing a padded bra then place one end of the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust and wrap the rest of the tape around your back and under your arms to join back up, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. 

Under Bust - Your under bust measurement is the circumference directly under your bust, around your rib cage.

Waist - Your natural waistline is the smallest part of your torso. Place one end of the tape above your belly button and bring the other side of the tape around your back to join up again, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

High Hip - Your high hip measurement is ever so slightly above your hip bone.  Measure this level keeping the tape parallel to the flow

Hip - Measure at the widest point of your lower hips and bottom, this is usually your upper thigh area - the tape should run across the middle of your bottom. Make sure your tape is level, parallel with the floor.

Size Charts 

Our designers all have their own size charts, so please refer to the individual sizing and recommendations on each product page. 

If you would like any help with sizing, please email us at and we'll gladly help!