The Destination for Sustainable Swimwear

Cura swim is the home of sustainable and ethical, luxury swimwear.  We believe sustainable luxury is quality and style made with respect for the planet and it’s people.  Our designers all produce with this mentality and work within our sustainability criteria.  They operate their businesses from a place of consciousness and good intentions. 

At Cura Swim we don’t sacrifice style for ethics and we don’t sacrifice ethics for style.  We have found what we consider to be the best labels and designers in the conscious swim space and put them in to a one-stop shop to offer you the best in the perfect cross section of style & sustainability.  

Our carefully curated collection offers long-lasting and timeless swimwear that you can feel good about and feel good in. 

Cura Value System

We celebrate labels that are being responsible at all stages of the supply chain.  Sustainability and the fashion supply chain are extremely complex and it is impossible to be 100% sustainable so we have devised our Cura Swim values to make it easier for you to shop your own personal values. 

Our values are: sustainable, fair, transparent, cruelty free, gender equality, handcrafted, local, and minimal waste.

To learn more about what our values stand for View Value Definitions here.

For a label to be stocked on Cura Swim, it has to meet the specific requirements of at least 3 of our 8 Cura Swim Values. The values the label meets are displayed on their Label bio page which you can click through to via one of their product pages.