Sting Sunglasses


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Honeybees are known to do a ‘waggle dance’ to show other bees the route to flowers. They are also the only bees to die after stinging human honey thieves.


  • Stainless steel wire frame

  • Bio-plastic 3D printed rims

  • Bio-lenses with 100% protection against UVA/UVB and UVC rays

  • Screw-less invisible hinge design

  • Handmade in Italy

  • Each pair comes with a case, and microfibre cleaning cloth


    • Wires use stainless steel wire for the frames and 3D printing for the lens rims, producing a minuscule amount of waste in comparison to conventional eyewear manufacturing.  The Lenses are made from a bio plastic made from castor beans.  Castor beans are a renewable crop that do not compete with food crops as they can survive on marginal lands not suitable for food crops.


    • Nose bridge width 21mm | Arm length 145mm
    • See Size Chart Here to select the correct size

    Read more about this brand's story & ethics here.

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    "Was so easy, all my fave brands in one place!"
    - Tessa G ★★★★★ 5/5

    "So comfy and flattering! Really happy with my purchase :)"
    - Lauren B ★★★★★ 5/5

    "It was so helpful using the styling recommendations for my body shape. It showed me many beautiful & sustainable options that would really work for me! Love my new summer staples!! "
    - Hannah M ★★★★★ 5/5


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